Lake Baikal is known as the oldest and deepest lake on Earth, containing 20 persent of all fresh water reserves. Baikal was added to the World Heritage list by UNESCO in 1996. The water in the lake is so transparent that individual stones and various objects can be seen at a depth of up to 40 meters. In winter, this place turns into a kingdom of ice of various textures and shades from milk-white to emerald.

The first ice on Lake Baikal, seen from Olkhon Island. The area shown is the deepest part of the lake at more than 1600 meters. The shore in the background is more than 50 km from Olkhon.
The picture shows the southern cape of Ogoy island, which is characteristic of a rock resembling a dragon.
Sergey Pesterev. Kingdom of ice. Stars over lake Baikal